Current Projects

Somewhere Between Now and Then

This documentary is about the Rhodesian Bush War/Zimbabwe Independence war (1962- 1980). Told through the experiences of people who lived on both sides of the war, we wish to put a human face to this conflict. We will achieve this by interviewing former Rhodesian soldiers, Zipra and Zanla fighters, and everyday citizens. There are virtually no comprehensive documentaries on this subject. The modern relevance of Mugabe’s current atrocity is due to issues that were left over from this conflict. We are deeply interested in the experiences of the common man and woman; those who fought as citizen soldiers, and people who were affected by a state in conflict.

The aim is to shoot a fifteen-minute sample documentary with four or five interviewees to gain interest from Channel 4 or the BBC in order to get funds to make an hour long documentary. The demographic of this project is men and women interested in Africa and/or politics, they will be aged 25-65. The aim of this film is not only to raise awareness of the tragedies in the past, but also how they have affected the current state of Zimbabwe. The team’s personal goal is to pose a level of humanity to both black (Zanla, Zipra and Rhodesian) and white sides of the war, this is even more important now since combatants on both sides are becoming older.

The film will begin with a stylised re-enactment accompanied by a historian’s voice-over. The historian will provide information on historical context; military, social and political, and will act as narrator throughout the film. The subject matter will progress chronologically, from historical events to personal accounts. We will interview our subjects in a darkened studio environment with visuals cutting to photos, uniforms and personal effects of those who experienced the conflict first-hand. We will end with a conclusive voiceover from our historian and a final stylised re-enactment, followed by outro music.

Director Keith Kopp has directed several short dramatic films and is fascinated by African politics. He has been working on a documentary on the modern Zimbabwean crisis, where he has interviewed several high profile individuals such as the Archbishop of York John Sentamu.

Élan Standard will be beginning pre-production in late February. If you feel that you have a story that relates or are just interested in helping out please get in touch.

No Relief

No Relief

A short war film about a squad of conscripted soldiers fighting a war in post apocalyptic Britain. We follow Lisa a young woman who is serving in a guard unit made up of childlike soldiers. Battle tested Sergeant Flockton leads them on their first mission to recon the enemies supply depot. This was filmed in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.